Yarn Giveaway

A blog i follow is having a giveaway, a skein of Madelinetosh Tosh Merino DK.  The color is Pop Rocks, I love poprocks, the candy kind that is.  I think secretly this yarn was made for me. 🙂  Here’s the link in case anyone wants to enter: http://www.yarnexploder.com/2012/09/september-giveaway.html 


AAR <3

So i just got back from a the fair in which there was a concert of one of my all time favorite bands.  All American Rejects kick ass playing live by the way.  And one of the guys in the band said my tattoo is bitchin’ and had to get his bandmate to look at it, pretty much made my year. 🙂

Poison Apple

Poison apple delivery for snow white…so i get two pattern repeats done on the hat and the cable is beautiful but the pattern is screwy as all get out, doesn’t make sense to me at all all i know is the parts that aren’t cable look good but don’t match the finished product.  So i stare and stare and realize how the pattern is actually supposed to be so, here is my poison apple took a ginormous bite and it tasted so sweet.  Ripped the whole thing out to start over after taking a picture.



Oh it is love…

Songbirds flutter overhead, cute doe-eyed wildlife assemble in masses to primp my hair and help me with my clothes as little hearts float through the air….well not exactly.  I just started my first cable project. A hat and after ripping out the first cable row because i apparently cant follow written directions, all seems to be going well and i can say at this point it is fun, simple and fun.  So at the moment i am in love with this pattern, who knows how long it will last. Stay tuned to see if the evil step mother comes in and delivers a poison apple….or any surprises pop up in the execution of the pattern. 

Homemade pot roast and peach cobbler day

Today I am doing a beef roast with carrots and potatoes and onion in the crock pot with peach cobbler from scratch for dessert.

The pot roast is really easy to make, you use a cheap cut of beef roast because the crockpot will tenderize it.  Cut up an onion or half an onion  and put it in the bottom of the crockpot then put the roast on top and then the rest of your veggies on top.  You can purchase a seasoning packet or add your own seasonings and add a cup of water.  If you don’t like the texture of onions you could always use onion powder.  The water should almost cover the veggies but not quite since you want to leave room for the juices that develop as it cooks.  4 hours on high or 8 hours on low and its finished.

There are alot of peach cobbler recipes online basically you need 4 cups of peaches and sugar, butter, flour, a lemon and milk.  I will post the recipe I am using later if it comes out yummy. 

And of course the most important thing to both recipes is blaring music while you put them together. Hopefully my neighbors don’t mind my combination of P!nk, Ozzy Osbourne and N’sync.  🙂